Our Technology

Our technology focuses on trauma focused care for PTSD, addiction, and other general wellness.

  • 16 Active Patents
  • B2B2C Delivery
  • Full Immersive Entertainment Solution
  • Mental Health and Physical Health
  • Assessment and Intervention Through Biofeedback and Data

Technology Features

Our technology is fully loaded with features designed to give you fully immersive experiences across healthcare and entertainment.

insole for shoe with haptech logo


Offering anywhere, anytime, and multi-purpose wellness and entertainment experiences.

foot pedastals for haptech's haptic technology

Foot Pedestals

The pro-version, developed for use in health & wellness and hardcore gaming.

Slides for Haptech's haptic technology


Comfort and ease for enhancement in both entertainment and health & wellness.

floorboards for Haptech's haptic technology


Enhancing the live entertainment experience for audience goers in theater and other live immersive experiences.

phone for haptech's haptic technology

The Puck

The HTH connector device allows for multi-user, multi-channel, and ease of transition from one device to another. The hub for all things HTH.


The Science Behind the Experience

brain with red areas to represent multi-sensory inputs

The red areas of the brain represent multi-sensory inputs.

Our wearable technology is essentially a ​stereo haptic speaker system for the feet.​

Our technology helps improve balance and proprioception, or awareness of the position and movement of the body​.

Haptic sensation improves reaction time ​and the sense of immersion​.

Our technology stimulates a higher-level processing area​ and provides spatial orientation.

Our technology leads to decreased levels of anxiety, fatigue, and physical pain.

Coming 2024

HapTech Insoles

Our technology offers the opportunity to not just see and hear what you are focused on, but also to FEEL.

insole for shoe with haptech logo

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