Patented Haptic Technologies For

Fully Immersive Health, Wellness, and Entertainment Experiences

HapTech Holdings Inc. (HTH) owns 16 patents allowing for 360-degree haptic feedback converting audio into vibrations you can feel  from your feet to your entire body. 

Our Mission

We believe that entertainment, health, and wellness are all connected and an integral part of increased happiness. Our solution is to deliver enhanced entertainment experiences and research and implement any use of sound and vibration that will provide healing and wellness across the domains of health & wellbeing.

Our Solution

Connecting Body and Brain

Originally invented to provide the live concert experience anywhere/anytime, our technology has multiple real-world health and wellbeing applications. 


Patents Owned


Haptic Feedback

Our Technology

Bio-Haptics™ opens pathways to move vibrational energy into the body, providing an activated, enhanced platform for wearable technology that transforms entertainment, human performance, and health & wellness.

Our technology includes:

young adult wearing VR goggles with shoe floating over head

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